transform: moving 

past fear towards beauty

Chashama, Matawan, NJ

Projected images and phosphorescent  sculpture depict the emotional balance of fear and desire for joy. The human condition of loss leaves scars behind — scars that produce fear of returning to the darkness. Through this exhibition, we teeter between fear and the universal desire for joyfulness, discovery and creative potential.

Possibilities of future implosion inspire the images projected on the wall, and allude to the importance of focusing on the beauty of each moment. Fear paves the way to appreciate life’s wonders, illuminated under black light. This duality is both terrifying and comforting and we are reminded of the cyclical nature of life and how deconstruction and reconstruction brings personal evolution and enlightenment.

This exhibition is part of a large body of work that explores transformation — from falling into the abyss and emerging from the darkness, to the multiple emotions that follow.


 © 2014-2019 by Ellen Hanauer Studios  

Riker Hill Art Park

284 Beaufort Avenue, Building 500

Livingston, NJ 07039