the divine feminine

I recently looked between my legs and saw god.

Or should I say Goddess? For hidden within the folds of my vulva, there she was. Her clitoral face shielded by a regal hooded cape, her labial arms folded gently across her bosom, her legs wrapped around my vaginal opening.

I saw her looking back at me and gasped, “Oh, my god!”

“Wrong gender lady”, she snapped. “I’m the one who does all the work around here!”

“Who are you?” I asked.

“I am the Great Mother Goddess, protector of the universe, Creator of all living things.”

I looked between my legs and chuckled, “You’re a goddess? Show me a sign and I will worship you and devote my life's work to you”.

“A sign? you mean like a burning bush? With thunder and lightening bolts, that sort of sign?”

“Yes”, I replied, “like when god turned Moses’ walking stick into a serpent and pools of blood flowed into the sea. Split the Red Sea and I’ll believe in you too.”

“You want me to split the Red Sea?” she laughed, “Cecil B. DeMille split the Red Sea. That didn’t make him a god.”

She paused for a moment and spoke in a deepened, hushed tone,"When you become aroused, I am the passion that burns inside you. When your lover lies next to you, I am the nectar that entices him to you. When you have an orgasm, I am the thunder that trembles inside you and the lightening bolts that spark from your skin. I am the nurturing maternal blood that fills your womb every month, so that a child may grow. I am the glorious life cycle that offers you the opportunity to live beyond your own death, through your children and your children's children. These are my gifts to you, signs that I exist within you and every woman.  I am the Divine Feminine.

At that moment I knew — I'd revere her forever.

 © 2014-2019 by Ellen Hanauer Studios  

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