Kean University, Union, NJ


When Kean University closed down its fiber department,
artists were invited to scavenge its remains. This exhibition
was prepared for Kean using the very materials the university
was discarding.

   “The floor shatters
    beneath her feet,
    She is in free-fall.

    Tools are broken,
    Hands no longer work.
    Neither does brain.
    Her Genius has fled and
    She is alone.

    Absence of light
    Paths disappear

    Is there a way
    back to herself?

Universities transform, people transform. Change is often fraught with challenge and uncertainty. This exhibition reflects this process and opens the discussion for coping with life's unexpected detours.

    — Ellen Hanauer


 © 2014-2019 by Ellen Hanauer Studios  

Riker Hill Art Park

284 Beaufort Avenue, Building 500

Livingston, NJ 07039