A world exists, even if it is hidden. Beauty exists, even if it remains unseen.


My creative process leads me to discover truths in dark, underground spaces. The sculpture, created blindly in a subterranean process, speaks of life forms primitive and unnamed. For me, these are metaphors for aspects of self, longing to be developed.


My interest in the invisible world began almost twenty years ago and has taken me on a journey from the inner caverns of the human body to subterranean spaces that rarely see the sun. Unlike my previous work where I knew what I was looking for, here I am searching for answers in the dark. The results are suggestions of life forms undiscovered and unnamed — reminiscent of that which was formed in the dark primordial soup of creation.


Sculpting underground, allows me to break free from the limits of what my eyes know to be true. As I search below the surface for answers, I hope to gain insight into truths not visible in daylight, truths in their most authentic forms.

polyurethane  castings

 © 2014-2019 by Ellen Hanauer Studios  

Riker Hill Art Park

284 Beaufort Avenue, Building 500

Livingston, NJ 07039