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Creativity Caravan - traveling exhibition

It is not every day that an artist gets to create a solo exhibition in a space she has personally renovated, so when Creativity Caravan gave me an old dollhouse to refurbish I jumped at the chance.  My idea was to create a contemporary exhibition space for solo and group shows that would replicate the gallery experience in 1/12 miniature scale. I knew that as the first artist to show in this new space, I would include installations, ceiling, wall, and floor mounts so that future artists could imagine using the space in all they ways they would in a full-sized gallery. 

Unlike most of my solo exhibitions where I start with a floor plan, for this show I chose to experiment with various materials to see where they would take me. The challenge of working this small can’t be overstated, for when making a print the size of a gumdrop or glazing a teeny sculpture, details can be wiped out in seconds. The resulting body of work was a self-portrait in miniature of my process over the last thirty years — homage to the Divine Feminine, to the sciences, to fiber art and to mixed media.

Ceramic sculpture, 3D drawings, fiber art, mixed media, monoprints and installations fill the bottom two floors of the gallery. In the attic, additional works of art and pedestals are kept in storage. I made a decision to eliminate all furniture from the gallery other than a chair and welcome desk so that viewers could get small, walk around, and immerse themselves in the work. Some of the pieces are interactive and there is an intended joyfulness in this work. It is my hope that viewers will take delight in the playfulness of the work and experience it in a huge way.

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Riker Hill Art Park

284 Beaufort Avenue, Building 500

Livingston, NJ 07039