laser engravings: mandalas

These anatomical mandalas speak to the human relationship and how we connect with others. We are drawn to one another, bonding in ways that define our experiences in our physical forms. Humans tend to focus on what divides us, but these mandalas depict what unifies us and what is possible when we evolve to see each other beyond superficial classifications and biases. The viewer is invited to consider our relationships with others, when stripped of all the divisive factors that bring judgment of others.

I have chosen to depict these images using a laser printer, which softens the visceral experience of medical renderings. The sculpted surface of laser printing transforms the two dimensional pencil drawings into a subtle 3D experience, which beckons the viewer to come close, engage, and consider the possibilities of how we can interact with one another.


These prints are exhibiting in Australia and Bulgaria in 2018.


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