from cell to self

I find myself enveloped in red...bright vibrant red, color of birth blood, color of life blood. Surrounding myself with this color, I feel energized. My work, as alive as my body, is my voice bellowing, "I am present in my body. I am vital. I am the color of energy."


My work pays homage to the machine that creates it; honoring the skin, the bones, the fat, the muscle, the fascia, the veins, the blood, the cells. How extraordinary that these parts coexist so poetically, so symphonically in this machine of mine. Such a brilliant design.


With reverence, I portray the body from the inside out, if only to recognize beauty in its purest form. I beckon you to join me and look down deep into the layers of fat, fascia and muscle tissue. Get small. Small enough to peer directly into the cells. Deep within is the true energy of life — and it is in this small, sacred space where real beauty lies.



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Riker Hill Art Park

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